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Kylie Ingram, RMT

Kylie Ingram, RMT

My name is Kylie Ingram. I graduated from the Accelerated Massage Therapy Program in June of 2021 and registered with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario in May 2022. 

I successfully strive to understand the individual needs of clients. I have achieved excellent results in catering to varied client scenarios such as sports and daily injuries and discomfort from stress and tension. 

I take great pride in my work by utilizing many techniques which include General Massage, Swedish Massage, and Deep Tissue Massage. In addition to my certifications, I have a proven skill set and track record of matching client’s needs with the most effective techniques to treat their conditions. 

Massage Therapy is a passion of mine and I actively pursue new skills and information necessary to provide the best care. My ongoing search to improve through education and review helps me better understand my clients and it allows me to make appropriate recommendations based on their unique set of circumstances.